Bird flight requires intelligent designer

Evolutionists have much explaining to do when it comes to bird flight. Watch this AMAZING video. If any of the many interdependent parts are missing (horizontal stabilizers, power-to-weight ratio, finely tuned center of mass, ability to control air speed via flaps, even a retractable landing gear!), the bird cannot fly. These half-evolved “parts” would put the poor “reptile-bird” at a tremendous disadvantage. In my opinion, it’s much easier to believe that birds were created by an Intelligent Designer with all parts needed for flight right from the start. Otherwise, birds simply wouldn’t have survived until today.

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Author: Shawn Nelson

Shawn Nelson is the President of Geeky Christian, a ministry which seeks to use technology to evangelize the lost and provide free material for Christian growth. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies from San Diego Christian College and is married with two children. He is also the author of several free books and others on Amazon.

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