Discovering Francis Bacon

Ok. So I just discovered Bacon. Francis Bacon that is (1561-1626). The founder of the inductive method which led to the scientific method. Turns out he was a devote Christian. Checkout what he says about reason and logic leading us to Creator. First my paraphrase and then in his own words.

He says he would rather believe in fairy tales than believe the universe originated without a designer. God doesn’t have to prove He exists by performing a miracle because His creation is proof enough. A person is confident to believe there is no God–before they go deeper and really think it through. Somebody might be happy to scratch the surface of science but this is merely looking at effects. When you dig deeper and look at the cause of these effects, and then their causes, your only rational conclusion is that God is the first cause of all that we see.

I had rather believe all the fables in the Legend, and the Talmud, and the (Koran), than that this universal frame is without a mind. And therefore God never wrought miracle to convince atheism, because his ordinary works convince it. It is true, that a little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s minds about to religion. For while the mind of man looketh upon second causes scattered, it may sometimes rest in them, and go no further; but when it beholdeth the chain of them, confederate and linked together, it must needs fly to Providence and Deity.

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Author: Shawn Nelson

Shawn Nelson is the President of Geeky Christian, a ministry which seeks to use technology to evangelize the lost and provide free material for Christian growth. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies from San Diego Christian College and an MDiv from Veritas International University where he is currently a Doctor of Ministry student. He is married with two children. He is also the author of several free books and others on Amazon.

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