Exodus Movie Review: Gods and Kings

How accurate is the new Exodus movie? Chris from the Manly Movie Review breaks down the movie with Dr. Scott Matscherz and Ratio Christi Chapter Director Joshua Erlien.

A Manly Exodus Movie Review

This movie review started off as three manly guys (Christopher Haun, Scott Matscherz, and Joshua Erlien) discussing the manly film Exodus: Gods and Kings. We talked about it for three hours and condensed the best of it into the first seventy minutes of this video.

Be forewarned that this review does contain spoilers. There is also a lot of talk about cinema sins due to the many departures of the movie away from the book.

We also talked a bit about Thor (2013), Prometheus (2012), Robin Hood (2010), and Gladiator (2000).

Interesting Topics

A few of the interesting topics that came up were:

  • Was the God depicted in this movie an alien from outer-space, a hallucination, or what?
  • What is God supposed to look like anyway?
  • Can the 10 plagues be explained naturalistically or supernaturally?
  • Is there any archaeological or historical evidence for the slavery and exodus of the Hebrews outside of the Bible?
  • Was Moses really a violent revolutionary like Che Guevera?

Items Mentioned

Recommendations were made in this review for the 2015 documentary movie Patterns of Evidence (http://patternsofevidence.com), the 2013 book The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and the Bible by Holden and Geisler, and three of the e-books at http://bastionbooks.com.

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