Yesterday, Jeff Hanneman entered hell… forever

(Please note: this article is not intended to condemn Jeff Hanneman, Jeff’s widow, or the surviving members of Slayer. It is written in a spirit of humility. It is certainly possible for somebody like Jeff to receive Jesus Christ on their deathbed. I am unaware, however, that any such event had taken place. As Christians, we are commanded to share the truth about what happens to those who willfully reject Jesus Christ. It is in recognition that we are all sinners in need of divine grace that this article is being shared. And it is my hope that while much of the world says, “Rest in peace,” by presenting this article a few may become aware that there can only be peace through faith in Jesus Christ [Romans 5:1]).

Update 5/21/2013–I continue to receive negative feedback from both Slayer fans and the Christian community regarding this article. I want to mention that Slayer was one of my favorite bands in my BC (“Before Christ”) days. I even went to a concert in Irvine back in ’89. I had to stop listening to their music out of conviction (very Satanic you have to admit… even if they didn’t believe it and it was all a show as some assert… for me it certainly did not set my mind on things above Col. 3:2). For a time, I listened to Christian metal (not judging genres of music).  The point of this article is that my heart breaks for people like Jeff who openly embraced hell (or who laughed it off) and who are now there… with no way out. I knew this article would stir the pot. But it was actually written out of love for the unsaved. I was hoping to turn a tragic situation (the death of Jeff) into something positive (salvation). I know some people might find it hard to believe… but that was the only motivation behind it.

Yesterday, May 2, 2013 at 11 AM PST, Jeff Hanneman’s spirit separated from his physical body and entered hell.  Jeff Hanneman was lead guitarist and a founding member of the popular and openly satanic band Slayer.

Jeff Hanneman top-right, co-founder of Slayer

Jeff Hanneman on far right, co-founder of Slayer, died from liver failure following spider bite

What is astonishing is that Hanneman was fully aware that hell is a real place of unceasing torment, and yet still refused to receive the free gift of salvation freely available in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Listen to the words of Altar of Sacrifice from Slayer’s popular 1986 Reign In Blood album:

Enter to the realm of Satan!
Blood turning black, the change has begun
Feeling the hatred of all damned in Hell
Flesh starts to burn, twist and deform
Eyes dripping blood realization of death
Transforming of five toes to two
Learn the sacred words of praise, hail Satan”


slayerIt is mind-boggling to think that a person would willingly embrace a future of unspeakable torment. One can only imagine what he is now thinking in hell, as he realizes there is nothing he can do to end the horrible amount of suffering he is now experiencing.  To think of the sheer horror that is upon him, as he is now realizing that his punishment will be forever.

The Bible clearly and explicitly teaches that hell is a real place to which the wicked/unbelieving are sent after death. We have all sinned against God (Romans 3:23). The just punishment for that sin is death (Romans 6:23).

Ultimately, all of our sin is against God (Psalm 51:4). And since God is an infinite and eternal Being, the punishment for sin, which is death, must also be infinite and eternal.


The punishment of the wicked in hell is described throughout Scripture as “eternal fire” (Matthew 25:41), “unquenchable fire” (Matthew 3:12), “shame and everlasting contempt” (Daniel 12:2), a place where “the fire is not quenched” (Mark 9:44-49), a place of “torment” and “fire” (Luke 16:23-24), “everlasting destruction” (2 Thessalonians 1:9), a place where “the smoke of torment rises forever and ever” (Revelation 14:10-11), and a “lake of burning sulfur” where the wicked are “tormented day and night forever and ever” (Revelation 20:10).

This is precisely why God the Father sent His son Jesus Christ to this earth 2,000 years ago–to die upon the cross for our sins.  The Bible promises that those who receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord will escape this eternal separation from God (John 3:16, 18, 36).

Don’t think hell is that bad? Listen to this.

There is no sermon that describes the sheer horrors of hell better than Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God.  It is the most famous sermon preached on American soil. Even those who absorb graphic imagery and language on a regular basis to the point of being numb to it are stricken with terror when they hear Edward’s stunning metaphor on the wrath of God.

Click to listen:
Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God

Note: portions of this article were taken from GotQuestions.

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Author: Shawn Nelson

Shawn Nelson is the President of Geeky Christian, a ministry which seeks to use technology to evangelize the lost and provide free material for Christian growth. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies from San Diego Christian College and an MDiv from Veritas International University where he is currently a Doctor of Ministry student. He is married with two children. He is also the author of several free books and others on Amazon.

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  1. You guys are obviously ignorant. Kerry, Dave, and Jeff (members of Slayer) were all atheist, and the vocalist/bassist Tom Araya is Catholic. No one in Slayer is a true Satanist, they simply use evil lyrics to scare morons like you. They are trying to be an extreme band that will shock the general public, giving them a reputation as heavy metal outlaws. You guys need to do some research before you use the Lord’s Word to scare people into your own agenda.

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    • To all who hate this artical this is a form to tell the world that hell is a real place, I might not be the writer but everyone who didn’t accept Jesus is judged just how he is now depending on if he accepted Jesus or not. Also another note to those who hate this artical, read the top in italics from the top to the bottom. Also another note, how much you like him doesn’t make him a good person. Sorry for the run on sentences to you grammar people by the way.

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    • Dude-he is trying to wake up your dead spirit. If you dont think Hanneman isnt in Hell because he wasnt a Satanist, or was an Athiest, youre sadly mistaken based on what the Word of God says. You can choose not to believe it. Doesnt make God’s Word any less true.
      No doubt Mr Geeky Christian would agree-Christ himself said..unless a person is born again of the Spirit of God, they can not see God(enter the Kingdom of God). By default, if they dont see God, they go to Hell forever. This is what the Bible teaches.

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    • Like Shawn, back in my teenage years Slayer was one of my favorite groups. Whether they practiced what they preach isn’t relevant. It’s the fact that they promote Satan with their lyrics. Lyrics that have impacted many. Back when I was a teenager I listened to Slayer because they reinforced my satanic beliefs.

      It was the mid 80’s and I was one of those self-proclaimed satanic high priests who led a small coven. We all listened to Slayer. It literally was motivational for us. Encouraging us to embrace the Kingdom of Darkness, and all the evilness therein. In fact at our meetings we would have Slayer playing like it was a band playing for a pep rally. Getting us fired up to engage in our evil deeds.

      Whether they were atheists or whatever, they were/are not Christians. Obviously. Atheists don’t go to Heaven. The Bible is clear as to how and who goes to Heaven. Period. There is no middle ground.

      See Luke 11:23

      We are all given the freedom to make choices. We either accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior or we don’t. Just like we have to make choices in our daily lives that have consequences, good or bad – whether we accept Jesus or don’t also has consequences. Serious consequences. The Bible is very clear on this. Hell is real. It is not a scare tactic but a biblical fact.

      I’ve been on both sides. I know the Devil and Evil is real. Hopefully you can come to know this too before it’s too late…

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  2. This incredibily absurd,religion is false and there is no god. The bible is man made,just like god

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    • you will never know the taste of anything before you taste them yourself, so once come to God then you will come to know that God is real or man made :)

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      • I was a believer for 15 years and after much research of the Bible and wrestling with God I’d have to come to the same conclusion as Javier. I’ve tasted and seen it is a lie.

    • Easy to say now. Wonder what you will say 5 seconds before you die without Christ? A different tune I think.

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      • Religion, god, the bible is a complete joke…that said I’ll do the religious thing just befor I die…lol couldnt hurt…

  3. I fully respect the Christian religion. I however, do not respect the way you are using the name of your saviour, Jesus Christ to disrupt the grieving process of others. As a Pagan, I have no belief in anything in the bible or anything to do with “the devil”, but I have news for you:

    666666666666666666666666666666 Mwahahahahaha \m/

    RIP Jeff

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  4. You do know that Hanneman was an atheist, right? Oh, wait, you don’t, because you’re too busy being sanctimonious and passing judgement on others, which last I checked was something reserved for God’s own hand, to find out facts about the person you’re trashing.

    It’s not YOUR decision what happens after someone dies. That judgement is up to God. You’re just another in a litany of self-righteous “Christians” whose idea of Christianity is about as far from Christ’s teachings as a goat with wheels is from winning a Formula One world championship.

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    • Oh, BTW, Slayer’s singer and original drummer are both Catholic. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

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    • Guys the purpose of this article is to show you what the Bible says about what happens after you die without being born again according to Jesus Christ himself. examples:
      Mark 9:45,46…

      “And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter halt into life, than having two feet to be cast into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched: Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.”

      Matthew 23:33,34… “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?
      -If hell is fake, why did Jesus say this?

      Matthew 25:41: Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.

      Mr Geek doesnt want you to experience what Hanneman is experiencing right now, this second, time without end.

      Repent of your sins and trust Christ for salvation while you can.

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  5. I just want you guys to know that whomever wrote this article is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a … idiot. First of all, they are not openly satanic AT ALL. At least not as a full band, as a matter of fact, Tom Arya (THE FRONT MAN) is proudly and openly Catholic. The ONLY reason for the lyrics and meanings behind each and every song is the fact that it sounds METAL. As a METAL band should. And I have to make a point at this “The Bible clearly and explicitly teaches that hell is a real place” The Bible(Being a FICTIONAL, man made BOOK) Clearly and explicitly teaches of a place that the minds of the weak and helpless made up is REAL??!

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  6. You know what? … Jeff Hanneman is a huge inspiration to a large group of people, including myself. …, if heaven and hell did exist, I’d MUCH rather live my life the way I wanted, instead of following some ridiculous book, filled with lies and “sins”. A talking snake? Get fucking real. That’s impossible, the whole … bible is. Jeff hanneman will live on through his loved ones and his fans whether you … like it of not. Rock on. \m/

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  7. I … hate you and this message IS to condemn … all your surviving friends. “why couldnt anyone ever see the rise of pure hypocrisy ill instigate ill free your mind ill show you what ive known all this time”What if there is no God what do you think you will say wasting your life in a leap of blind faith?

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    • If there was no God, then we would all ceases to exist when we die and none of us, regardless of how we lived our lives, would “think” anything beyond that. No harm done.

      BUT, allow me to free your little mind and show you something I’ve known all this time… What if there is a God and you have to stand before Him when you die? What do you think you will say to Him then having wasted your life mocking and rejecting the God of the universe? If this is just a game where we all place our bets… I win either way believing in God. You win only by ceasing to exist… if death is not the end, you loose in a big way!

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  8. You know since you believe in the bible, it states that most people are going to hell. Probably even you. “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (Matthew 7:14; Luke 13:23,24).

    You just judged someone, last I checked only “god” can judge someone. Only “god” can say who is going to heaven and who is going to hell.

    You are so busy pointing your fingers at others, maybe you should spend some time on your own soul, rather then being worried with others.

    Added to that, if heaven is real and it is filled with sanctimonious @$&@ like yourself, then really is hell that bad of a place?

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  9. I’m going to let you in on a little secret that not many people are aware of. It might shock you, hell it might shake the very foundations upon which your life is base but you deserve to know so here I go: There is no god, you do not have an eternal soul and Jesus was just a carpenter and a con-man.

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  10. The author of this article is a complete &$@&. Disrespectful. Jeff Hanneman was great man, with great music. It funny that this christian fundamentalist doesn’t realize that in the Gnostic Gospels, Jesus says that there is no physical heaven or hell, its inside and outside all of us, and that there is only “the all”. But thats why the christian orthodoxy in the 4th century rejected the gnostic gospels when they were CREATING (YES, selected what stories go in and what goes out) the Cannonical Bible. All man made stories chosen by MEN. All evangelicals are herratics

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  11. No worries, everyone. This is the rant of a dying species. Unfortunately.

    Christianity doesn’t deserve scum like this to represent it’s true meaning.

    Jeff was loved by people who know how to love, and this hatred from these supposed Christians is as disgusting as their vile, child molesting ways.

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  12. I think that most Christians would view Atheists worse than a “Satanist”. I mean depending on what form of Satanism you follow, you might possibly also believe that there is a God or Jesus – so there’s a possibility you could be saved and return to the flock. Personally I think it’s all a bunch of @$&$, so there’s no Heaven or Hell for me! Except for the DIO kind of course.

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  13. I suppose when they invented Jesus and heaven they also had to invent a counterpart. How else could the powers that be keep control of the masses? Oh, wait, they did invent a counterpart. It’s in a poem called Dante’s Inferno! lol RIP Jeff. I truly hope you’re having as much fun with this article as most of us are.

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  14. I honestly wonder how Christian fans of the band feel about this article.

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  15. I see that you have gotten some negative comments concerning this post and I would like to encourage you to not give up on your posting. I have been following you for some time and like your post on the scientific versus creation arguments. You are truly gifted in these post so don’t let some negative comments get you discouraged. Keep posting what you feel what our Lord has given you. In Him, Mike

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  16. Hello GeekyChristian

    When I saw your post about this article on tumblr I at first was a bit disappointed in you being a christian and posting such a thing on tumblr.
    Because I think it’s really NOT on US to judge whether someone comes to Heaven or goes to hell. You don’t know if Jesus gave him a second chance. I think he did, because God is love and God has only GOOD thoughts about us! Also about Jeff.
    “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord , thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11

    But if you are still reading my comment to this point which I hope so, I’d like to tell you this: It gives me great heartache to read the comments below and I think it hurts you too.
    All we can do is to pray.
    “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” 2 Corinthians 4:4

    I know you meant this post for people’s own good. But society is out of sorts with speaking or hearing about hell.
    I think christians should keep their head up to God and rather tell the world that God loves them.

    Our goal in this world is to reveal God’s Kingdom on earth as Jesus also has done so. Jesus didn’t talk to the Pharisee about how bad they are and that they would come to hell. No, He only revealed God’s Kingdom by healing people, casting out demons and staying in continue connection with Heavenly Father.
    “And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.” John 17:26

    Maybe you don’t have my opinion. But as you say on your About page, we all want to help people grow closer to Jesus! We don’t want to make the world think that christians are always the ones who point at people and tell them what they’re doing wrong.

    So stay richly blessed!

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    • *I meant the comments above ;)

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  17. I’ll just simply say

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    • Im very sad too when someone rejects the grace that’s freely given In Jesus. Praise God that He hates mans religion and is not in it or about it. I recommend to all Slayer fans to check out [ Living Sacrifice , Soul Embraced , Antestor , Horde . These bands are very loyal and respectful and their lyrics peirce and touch any heart. For someone to talk to call 206-293-4076 cell

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  18. God gives believers all spiritual gifts , the most powerful one is the gift of discernment. God will tell a believer what is going on wrong in anothers life without them even telling you. This is discerning NOT judging the person at all. We are to discern the other persons character and speak life into their life. The Gospel gets Hell out of the person , and brings Heaven in . The Word did not come by word alone , but by power. Brothers and sisters everywhere , read Gods Word daily and share daily and live in the Light daily. If the gifts are not happening at your church or they are not being used God’s way , you should not be there. Anyone can call me 206-293-4076 , its time to live , speak , act boldly and compassionate.

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  19. How come people are so ignorant of something that they do not know of? I mean, ok, so let’s assume that heaven n hell do not exist, then we can all have fun to the max n when we die, we just die, nothing happen at all after we die..
    but.. what if heaven n hell DO exist??? Heaven, I believe is a nice place (the nicest of all), everyone will want to go there.. but hell, on the contrary, is the worst place imagineable. If all of u who wrote negative comments, had to choose, which one will u go to?
    in my personal opinion (I do believe that those two places exist), even if I were a non believer, I will not be ignorant n take something like this lightly. I’ll USE my GOD given brain to think n look for more evidences.
    life is too short, do not waste it on some mortal things. Life actually starts when we die (again, let’s say that heaven n hell exist). And it will be for eternity.

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  20. I like how all the non-believers get all crazy offended by this article and how this dude is going to hell when they dont even believe in hell.

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  21. To all those who are denigrating this article and who believe that the writer is somehow judging when he shouldn’t, consider what you are saying. You are judging the writer for what he has written. If you say that he cannot judge, then why are you judging?

    Also to those who believe that the Bible is a man-made book and Christianity a man-made religion, I would like to ask you, “Who told you that?” Are you just believing what somebody has written or told you without investigating it for yourself? Why don’t you investigate Christianity and what it teaches first before making snide remarks about a subject that you know nothing about? I have done my own investigation, and I have found that the Bible is the ONLY TRUE BOOK in the world. And I have found that the God of the Bible and the Savior of the Bible Jesus Christ are the ONLY TRUE GOD.

    Some of you say that you don’t believe in any god, but that is NOT true. Your god is yourself or the things you can accumulate for yourself or it could be your own pride and arrogance. You have a god that you worship (though you might not call it worship).

    So I say to the writer of this article, keep trying to tell and warn people of the everlasting and eternal (forever) dangers of hell and its fire. For one day everyone will know for certain that it is a reality. Right now Satan has their minds blinded and they cannot see what the truth is.

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  22. They say the truth hurts, and this article proves it. I believe that it was written in love, but when we challenge people’s own false gods (i.e. themselves), we will receive the full force of their hatred.

    Keep up the good work, TGC. It’s great to have a solid, biblical community like this one that does not compromise on the truth of our Lord, even when that truth is hard to share.

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  23. Supposably for following you lord and doing by his word you FAIL you can not judge so u FAIL BIG.

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  24. Lord forgive them, they do not know what they are doing

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  25. I just came across your site and read your article on how Plato has influenced the church in regards to our view on heaven. I am wondering if this article and its reference to this man going to hell isn’t a result of wrong thinking as well. As I read the Bible it seems to indicate that people don’t go to hell until after the great white throne judgement. Do you think your view on hell isn’t also influenced by Greek thought?

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