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Spiritual Abuse: Unspoken Crisis

Do recent events at Mars Hill reveal an unspoken crisis in our church culture?

Philosophical Foundations for Christian Teachers

This is for small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, pastors, parents and anybody teaching in a Christian context. It answers the question: What should Christian teachers believe and value philosophically?

Exodus Movie Review: Gods and Kings

How accurate is the new Exodus movie? Chris from the Manly Movie Review breaks down the movie with Dr. Scott Matscherz and Ratio Christi Chapter Director Joshua Erlien.

Romans In Logical Form

Many today find Romans hard to read. This new book is an attempt to outline the logic of Romans in a way that can make the book easier to understand for any reader.

Is Joyce Meyer Word of Faith?

Is Joyce Meyer Word of Faith? This short book proves she is based on: (1) her education, (2) her teaching, (3) her platform, (4) her lifestyle.

Inerrancy: What’s At Stake for the Next Generation?

Author and theologian Dr. Norman Geisler has graciously featured my article on his new website today. Please read it to find out what’s happening.

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Proof Evolution Is False

Looking for proof evolution is false? Here’s the argument against cosmic, chemical and biological evolution.

Old Computer Motherboard Looks Like Ancient Greece

Check out this guy’s motherboard. It sure looks like ancient Greece, doesn’t it?! But there’s something else I see here… evidence of a Creator!

How to be Healthier

There’s one way to be healthier that’s been hidden in the Bible for nearly 2,000 years. And scientists have recently discovered it.

Scientists say it’s unlikely life happened elsewhere

Atheists would like us to believe that Earth isn’t anything special, that our planet is just one of billions of planets throughout the universe that is teeming with life. But many scientists say this is incorrect.

MIT scientists decode bone secrets

You’d think bones would be pretty boring when compared to more hipster organs like, say, the heart, lungs or eye. But turns out, bones are pretty remarkable pieces of engineering too.

Proof of God

Ever heard somebody say, “You can’t prove God?” It turns out, that’s not true. You can. Here’s how.